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What Cures Polarization?

This article is one of a five-part series on Polarization: What Causes Polarization by David Brubaker How to Lead While Polarized by Sarai Rice Four Guiding Principles for Managing a Polarized Congregation by Susan Beaumont When Polarization Becomes a Tug-of-War by Lawrence Peers What Cures Polarization by David Brubaker Over the last month we have […]

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Blessed are the Irritated

Imagine someone pointing an accusing finger at you. Perhaps that person is complaining about what is happening in the congregation that you lead. In your imagination, trace the tip of that accusing finger back along the person’s arm until you reach the torso. You will be led right to their heart! Ask, “What does this […]

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Top Five Ways Ministers Get in Trouble

It’s not easy being a pastor, priest, or rabbi. People come to congregations bearing an incredible variety of hopes and aspirations. When reality falls short—as it inevitably does—the clergy leader often takes the fall. That process is almost always painful, even when it turns out to be a good thing for all concerned. A lot […]

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