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Living into a Both-And World

Time and time again in congregations, I encounter either-or thinking. People want to focuseither on church growth or mission to the world; maintain the building or give the staff much needed pay increases; focus on the number of people who attend worship or the number of people our ministry “touches” during the week; have classical […]

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What to Do When Nothing Works Anymore

If you’re doing everything you’ve always done as a congregation but it’s not working anymore, you may be alarmed, but you’re not alone. Once upon a time, we all shared a congregational business model that seemed effective and ordained: A single site Branding that identified the congregation as a franchisee of a larger entity Management […]

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What’s Your Brand?

by Dan HotchkissSuccessful store managers know there’s one thing customers like even more than quality, convenience, or low prices: People like to get what they expect. And so smart store managers advertise a strong, distinctive “brand” and consistently deliver customer experiences that fit that brand. Churches and synagogues can learn from this.

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Handling the Hum of Bright Ideas

by Dan Hotchkiss When someone gets a new idea in your congregation, whom do they call? The clergy leader? A board member? The front-line office person—the executive director, secretary, or administrator—often manages the incoming stream of helpful hints, complaints, requests, suggestions, and reform proposals. The flow of bright ideas is a sign of life, part […]

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