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What Really Matters When It Comes to Raising Money

As fundraising fashions come and go, which elements are vital and which can be varied or skipped from year to year? Congregations have successfully flouted techniques once thought essential—in-home canvassing, a published budget, the kickoff dinner, even the hallowed pledge card. Replacement approaches rise and fall: Consecration Sunday, crowdfunding, targeted giving. Has human nature changed […]

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Day 310 of 365 - Honest Abe

In addition to today's photo being day 310 in my photo a day project for 2009 it is also representative of a new project I intend to start in 2010.   

The project will basically be to try to document, celebrate or otherwise note common and obscure dates in the calendar for 2010 or interesting days in history corresponding to that date.   I intend to post mode days but I don't intend to make it another photo a day project. 

I have also started <a href="">a flickr group</a>, which anyone is free to join, to collect images from others who would like to participate in the project with me.   You may participate with as much or as little as you like.  Feel free to join the group even if you don't think you will add a lot of images to it; the more the merrier.

Today's event is commemorating the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Office of the President of the United States on this Day in 1860 (November 6, 1860)

This will probably be the only photo along these lines (other than major holiday's I would have done for my PAD anyway) until 2010.  I am only doing it today to share my plans and invite you all to the group :D

(for those dying to know.. No I don't have three arms and this isn't quick focus Jeff.... There was a string..... wonder where it went :P)

What Kind of Planning Should We Do?

by Dan Hotchkiss It is not always easy to say what kind of planning a congregation needs to do at a specific moment. Nonetheless, dogmas abound. Some people think every congregation has to do a big, ginormous long-range, planning process every five or ten years. Only by taking a fresh, comprehensive look at everything and […]

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