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The Lone Ranger and his horse Silver

Looking for the Superstar

Many congregations think the answer to their problems is a superstar—a charismatic senior pastor, a superb musician, or a Pied Piper youth director. Research on teams reveals a deep flaw in such thinking, and congregational leaders are well advised to pay attention to the data.

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Schleiermacher as a young man

Why “Spiritual but not Religious” is a Good Thing!

As a baby boomer, I am disappointed by church members in my generation who, all too frequently, dismiss millennials and others who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” It is a theme I hear constantly in my consulting practice. “Why focus on them when they have already told us they are spiritual but not […]

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The Experience of Church

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee, believes the key to the company’s success is not the coffee but “the Starbucks experience.” A visit to Starbucks is a sensory event filled with smells, sights, and sounds—from the aroma of fresh ground beans to the greetings from the staff, from the names of drinks and sizes of […]

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In God We Trust

A Place We Can Trust and Be Trusted

In strategic planning, congregations think a lot about their “brand.” What do people think of when they drive by or hear the church’s name? Do they associate the congregation with great music, inspiring preaching, effective social justice work, quality day care, or self-help group meetings? Lately, I have been recommending to my clients a brand […]

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Planning Ahead … Way Ahead

In the church, we tend to think of strategic planning as involving a time frame of three to five years. That is a reasonable time frame for most plans. However, the church also needs an entirely different form of strategic planning that looks ahead 10, 20 or more years.

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Chaos in the fall?

Priorities Lost in the Madness

It’s easy to prioritize short-term concerns at the expense of longer-term priorities. As pastors, we only have so much time. Our members only have so much time. If we don’t focus on the short term, we’ll have chaos in the fall. However, if we don’t focus on the long term, we’ll have difficulty realizing our […]

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