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What Cures Polarization?

This article is one of a five-part series on Polarization: What Causes Polarization by David Brubaker How to Lead While Polarized by Sarai Rice Four Guiding Principles for Managing a Polarized Congregation by Susan Beaumont When Polarization Becomes a Tug-of-War by Lawrence Peers What Cures Polarization by David Brubaker Over the last month we have […]

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Unhealed Trauma (tethered butterfly)

Recovering from Trauma in Congregations

In the last 50 years, not a single minister had survived at First Community Church for more than five. There were many theories as to why. The generally accepted rationale was simply that “First Community chews up its pastors.” Pastor Bethany, who had received plenty of warnings before accepting the lead minister role at First […]

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